Hesham Beltagy - Director of Strategy

An entrepreneurial strategist, fostering creativity, vision and hard work. These qualities of Mr. Hesham Beltagy, helped him build two companies successfully, and managed a third at a young age.
In 2002, he developed a business proposal for a leading magazine in Cairo and launched it's creative department and produced the publication in-house. He also created a new corporate design for the company under the magazine's wings.
In 2004, he founded a boutique creative agency in London and led a local magazine to it's success and later was sold to a major international publisher.
In 2006, he became the strategic Media Planner of Starcom Egypt in their AOR, P&G. He moved to ZenithMedia and led their AOR, the Cadbury-Adams. In short period of time, due to his talents, resourcefulness and devotion, he was promoted as the Deputy General Manager of ZenithMedia in Cairo. The said company was affiliated with some famous brands such as Nestle, Groupe-Bel, Red Bull, Fayrouz, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, HP (in French speaking Africa), Egyptian Food Bank to name a few.
In 2012, he moved to KSA. He handled the Marketing of eXtra in the Middle East. eXtra is a big-box electronic retailer in the said country grossing annually over 1 Billion US Dollars with over fourty stores in the region. He enhanced their communication quality and introduced eXtra to the social aspect of Marketing and launched its FB page and Twitter account which became one of the top five in KSA in less than two years became one of the top 5 in KSA in less than 2 years.